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100 years of Belcroft Estates


Belcroft Estate has been in the Bell Family for nearly 100 years. The century barns on the Estate have been used in many ways over the years, but are now used to hold special events of all kinds – mostly as a wedding venue. Of course we welcome special dedications of any kind.

Belcroft Event Center Sign

The Barns

The barns are equipped with all of the essentials required to host your elegant, yet rustic Wedding Reception; fresh washrooms, portable cooling units, radiant heating, a venue-wide sound system, and a large catering area. With two common areas, the dance floor & bar area, as well as the main dining space. The main dining space can accommodate up to 150 seated guests or we can extend into the dance floor to 185 guests.

The Tent

The Belcroft Estate Marquee is stunningly draped with chandeliers and is completely private from the Barns, it is self contained in its own little slice of the estate. Situated on a large stone floor, with high ceilings and heaps of windows to allow the natural light to take over during the day, The Marquee is well equipped with all the amenities needed to hold an elegant and/or rustic wedding reception and can accommodates up to 300 guests.

The Spa

Picture perfect surroundings; a tranquil environment and a professional team of spa therapists, hair stylists and makeup artists welcome you on arrival.  Indulge in personalized spa and beauty services after you’ve wrapped yourself up in the comfort of a luxurious robe and slippers and sipped on a cup of tea or wine in our parlour.  Now you’re ready to relax or rejuvenate with friends, colleagues, couples or individually.

Wedding pictures at the lighthouse

The Light House

The Light House can be found nestled in the greeneries, across the covered bridge away from the barns. It is a serene and private location for photography, yet it can still be seen from the Courtyard.

Beautiful wedding backdrop at the bridge

The Covered Bridge

The Covered Bridge hovers over the turquoise waters of our three-bay pond, and casts a mirror image reflection in the water below. It is eye appealing, and endearing to all who visit the property. The Covered Bridge has become a fabulous location for unique photo opportunities, including the ‘not so traditional – first look’.

Photographers dream wedding venue nestled behind our gorgeous laneway

The Laneway

One of the most iconic locations on the property is the private tree-lined laneway. Imagine yourself in the south – it’s almost ‘plantation-like’. Whether you’re visiting the property in May, or in October, the Laneway is always a sight to see. It serves as a lush and shady backdrop for family and formal photography, or as an alternate Wedding Ceremony location.

Train Car for wedding photos

The Train Car